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Title: The Great Thing About Virtual Offices

Running a business online is all about flexibility and freedom. One of the keys to this is your virtual office.

The Great Thing About Virtual Offices

Imagine you decide to open a business offline, for example a store selling tools. You will have to find a location, commit to tens of thousands of dollars in rent and, most importantly, actually go to work everyday. After all, who else is going to open the front door each morning? On top of this, your pool of customers is limited to those willing to drive to your location. All of these limitations and aggravations associated with a physical store go by the wayside when you go online.

Having worked online for a very long time, I can tell you the freedom to work when you want to is by far the best aspect of the Internet. Here is the proof. As I am writing this article, it is 1:13 p.m. I am at home. I am wearing sweats. After being up all night on a project, I am thinking about going back to bed. This is all possible because I have an online business. In fact, our business is so virtual oriented that I have never physically met some of my programmers. They live in other countries! Sounds like a good excuse to travel, however.

Being online gives you massive freedom and flexibility because you are not limited geographically. Your business should revolve around your laptop. If possible, you should try to store every bit of information online. Taking this approach turns you into a virtual business with a virtual office and lets you access work whenever you want from wherever you want. What do I mean by this?

Assume you have an online business selling something on the web. Where is your physical office? To figure it out, take a look around you. If you are in an airport, that is your office. If you are at home, your office is there and so on. This flexibility is crucial because it gives you access to your business at all times. You will never get this with a physical location.

You are probably wondering about a business address and meetings with clients. Neither is a problem with a virtual office. You can use one of the various mail box services for your business address. Just make sure they list the box number as a suite. As to meetings, you just go to clients who will appreciate the fact you donít make them come to you. If you must host a meeting, you can rent conference rooms in ìexecutive office suitesî in any town or city. Compare the cost of renting an office suite versus leasing a physical office for three or five years, and the virtual office advantage should be very obvious.

I love my virtual office and you will to. It saves you money, gives you flexibility and is one of the primary benefits of running a business on the net.

Decorate a Sophisticated Office for Less than $2000

You started a business. You bought a suit. You received your business and license and all you need now is an office where you can spend the next year of your life getting your business off the ground. The last thing you want is to look to customers like your company doesn’t make enough to stay in business. Let’s face it. Appearance is everything.

So how do you put an office together without much money? We found a few companies that you can bet on for all the high-quality stuff you need, at affordable prices, and no hidden charges. Ready? Pay attention!
The most important online company we found was Versa Tables. Never heard of them? You have now! Versa Tables designs and manufactures high-quality, affordable, computer furniture for offices and schools, and best of all, ships directly to the consumer without a middle man. And anyone can order from their online site.

For our demonstration, we ordered five attractive black vinyl side chairs (two for your office and three for the reception area), two 48-inch Enclosed Classroom Desks, two task chairs, and two ergonomically enhanced Deluxe Keyboard Arms and Trays for comfort. The whole thing cost us less than $1800, leaving an extra $200 for a few framed pictures, plants, or even a fish tank.

The best thing about Versa Tablesóbesides their high-end, attractive furnitureóis that they don’t charge for shipping at all. So what the site says you’ll pay, is exactly what you’ll pay. No hidden handling fees or weight fees for shipping heavy desks and chairs. They also accept PayPal.

In addition to the basic office furniture, you’ll need some supplies: staplers, pens, paper, desk organizers, calendars, etc. We found an impressive variety of products from file containers to pencil sharpeners at Target online. Another great online source is Green Light Office. The site actually tells you if they have the lowest price or not on each item.

When decorating an office, keep in mind that aesthetics are everything. You want your office to look inviting, clean, neat, and convey an image of success. Avoid furniture that’s too big for the space, plastic plants, and colors that don’t match. Purchase all your office furniture from one source, ensuring the colors work together and the style of the pieces you’ve chosen are compatible. You don’t need to be an interior designer to do this.

Purchasing everything from one source will guarantee that they’ll work.
As a small business, you probably won’t have retailers bending over backward to get your business, but that’s okay. Going direct to the manufacturer’s websites can often give you the same prices the ‘big guys’ get without having to prove yourself first. It’s always a good idea as well to start building good credit as soon as you can so that your application will pass when you’d like to begin using purchase orders. The privilege of being able to send a purchase order (which is basically a written guarantee that you’ll pay for whatever you’re buying so the company will process your order prior to you actually paying for it) only comes with good credit, which is priceless.