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Online MLM Business could Bring You The Goldmine In Online Opportunities

Are you aware of MLM businesses that have become rather rampant nowadays? Multi-level marketing business is sometimes also called direct distribution systems. It is quite like franchising, you need to build a business through buying into a system.

Initially, however, MLM marketing suffered some setbacks, like any new system or idea through the business history. There was a point during its introduction to entrepreneurs when MLM marketing was considered as strange and suspicious.

Make money at home with MLM

YES you can but most of you will probably have to relearn what you think you know.

I am talking in general term about all types of direct marketing systems and not pointing fingers at any specific “plan”, I have analyzed many of these system and joined a few in my day, what I am talking about here is how you CAN be wealthy in direct marketing.

Claims made.

What they tell you is the truth, if they did not tell you the truth they would be forced out of business a long time ago. What they don’t tell you are the killing points.

In every “Direct Marketing” organization there will be several people, who get very rich, and without a doubt they follow the program, but what you are not told is the difference between them and yourself.

Their Product

Skip the claims and packaging, take a hard look at what it is and think, “would I tell my best friend about this”. If the answer is no, this is not an item for you, carry on and find something else, don’t worry about “the deal” selling only works if you can talk freely about the product.

Their Sales Program

There are only two rules when it comes to their selling program,

1) Don’t mess with it, they spent a lot of time and money working it out, don’t try to second-guess them.

2) Don’t think you can only do part of it and stop; it all has to be done properly.

You can add to their system and this is where those successful people in the brochures achieve that success.

What you have to bring to the party

Contacts and time, they are going to share some profit with you in return for your contacts, everyone knows and it has been proven time and again that people trust their friends when giving a recommendation on what to buy. The direct marketing program wants to use you as a buying influence.

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How do you get your share of MLM

Understand from the beginning their systems are not set up to prevent you from making money, they are designed to generate income if you stick closely to the plan. The main mistake people make is the misconception that sales will be like retail sales you cant sit around and 3 out of 5 people who check out your offer buy.

MLM is a business-to-business sale (B2B); think about it you are really asking people to buy a business not a product.

In B2B we normally do not work on a high return and most time we have to revisit a potential customer many times before the sale is complete. As a B2B Sales Manager I used to teach sales people a 20 / 20 rule. It takes 20 calls to find a new potential customer and then it takes 20 calls to those customers to close a sale.

Too many people in MLM marketing find the right customers, but give up too soon, you need to learn the clues, ask the questions outright, “is this something you can see yourself doing”, “what will it take to get you to commit today”, and really listen to the replies to understand the difference between “not a chance in Hell” and “I am not convinced” if you know your direct marketing program you will know the answers to their objections.

In these times if someone does show up at your house for your product demonstration, they have already indicated they are interested in the concept. You asked 100 people and got 5 to come to your house to listen to the plan, (first 20) now why do you let them off the hook? They qualified themselves they are willing (wanting) to make some money with a plan, what you have to do is make them believe that your plan is the right one.

In industry we knew that if someone took the time to respond to a advertisement 5 out of 7 times they are going to buy, what the salesmen had to do at this point was get them to buy our product and not someone else’s. You are in the same boat, if they did not want to make more money selling a product (any product) they would not be on your couch listening to you.

If you went after someone because you thought they might have the right contacts, to expand your network, they started but then gave up, you are the one at fault not them to keep people “IN” they need to feel satisfied, if it takes a reinforcing call on occasion so be it. It is easier to resell a known customer than find a new one (you get to skip the first 20 calls).

Sometimes you will need to put in extra work on one contact just to get the reference to expand your field

In retail sales you do not know the commitment to buy the people have as they enter a store, in direct marketing you do know, by showing up they have said “YES SELL ME”

Do not waste this, follow up sometimes gently sometimes firmly, but push until they say “NO I WILL NOT”, and “I don’t think so” does not count it just means “do a better job convincing me”. If you keep hearing them say, “I have gone a different way” this is proof that your prospecting skills are well tuned but your timing sucks.

So you get your “ladder” filled, don’t stop, keep on building partially to fill in losses but mainly to practice you skills at finding people and preparing yourself to become a big player.

At this point the most important, and rarely done task is to maintain your OWN personal prospecting records, both successes and failures (with notes why), do not rely on the automated system from your supplier, keep your own, in a computer, on recipe cards how ever you want but maintain them and keep it up to date because this is how you get to the next stage.


If you have a complete contact list and found a good product, this is where you get to be one of the power players.

The first time around in the MLM game I know you have not maximized your profit potential. If you look right now at your grid, table, tree or whatever it is called in your system, you will find it is unbalanced, this happens because you add people as you an find them, or more often some people are less than excellent within the operation.

Take a moment and test this, on a piece of paper redo your organization placing all the power players into the correct positions on your tree/grid and the weaker players at the bottom or not in at all now calculate what your profits could have been.

With this you see where we are going, in your “NEW MLM” plan you have all the correct players start by putting them in the right spots, you and they can profit from having tight organization right from the beginning.


Not a big secret just an obvious short cut once you think of it. While you are recruiting look for people whom now are or have been in MLM before, even if they are not power players they represent more than one position in your plan.