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You do not have to write an AP to do mobile marketing

QR Codes are great bridge to grab some mobile attention; QR code generators are simple if you have some basic internet knowledge and there are many videos available to help you through the process

With QR Codes you can generate traffic into select pages on your web site, Facebook page or other social media; they can invoke the users email service to directly sign up for an email newsletter, or down load a short data file right into their device.

This is a great way to get people to get people to make a direct connection at the time when they show the most interest.

Placement; do not put these code in high mobility areas, the simple act of scanning takes enough time that most people the ideal place will be one that is visible from high traffic area to attract interest but you need a standing area out of flow where they can actually take the 3 seconds to scan your code.

Another smart location is on any handout material that you use. Rather than printing massive volumes of material, post the material on your web page, and hand out a cover letter with URL’s and QR codes to allow people to connect with just the information they want, you gain the advantage of tracking when you process things through your website if you hand out a booklet of material you do not know which item attracts people, if they go through your web site you will have some knowledge about what they specifically read. When you hand out a big book of material that is a big expense that may go right into recycling when they are out of sight, on the other hand have full printouts available, you never can tell when one of those 35% who do not use smart phones will want to be your customer.

#Hashtags learn them.

#Hashtags learn them.
#Hashtags learn them.

There is no else, it will be like breathing there is no existence without breathing air, there will be no business on the internet without them.

Facebook has started to roll out use of #hashtags and they are focusing their start with the advertisers.

If you don’t know what they are, hashtags are a way to “tag” your story or advertisement with a subject so that if anyone is interested in that subject can search and find you. Those of us doing web site work already know this type of information as Tags, Categories and Meta data that we associate with all the work we post.

What we have here is a focused attempt by social media to bypass people using search engines, the advantage for advertisers is Hashtags are a known item no training involved, and they can be highly focused, rather than hoping people will search for your company name or use the WEB Address you put in your web site, you can tell people to “Use hashtag #growing-your-business”, or “hashtag #GYB” the most important part is this is a bridge from other media to social media, you can put hashtags on your print advertisement, put them in your store window, your business card, on the side of your truck.

Simple cheap and effective, now the down side, you have to work at the other end you will have to use Facebook pages, Twitter, G+ and others, our cannot just post once either you will have to engage and update that info, but don’t worry they do not all have to be different, you simply produce one item and then modify it or link it for each medium.